Chesterton Primary School is recognised for its commitment to supporting staff and pupils’ mental health and wellbeing


Chesterton Primary School has achieved National Mental Health & Wellbeing Accreditation for successfully engaging the whole school in building a culture where mental health and wellbeing is placed at the heart of decision making.  This demonstrates our commitment to supporting the mental health and wellbeing of staff and pupils in line with DfE guidance and best practice.



Child Trauma Therapy at Chesterton


At Chesterton, we have on-site Trauma therapist who supports teachers, pupils and parents through a referral system.  Jess Van Der Hoech founded 'The Gap Bedfordshire Limited' in response to the lack of trauma treatment interventions available within the area of Bedfordshire.  To promote the school journey, Jess has trained staff in recognising trauma behaviour, as well as strategies that can be used in the classroom.  These strategies are regularly used both as a class and individually. Her ongoing work has proved crucial with a number of children who have faced some trauma in their lives, as well as supporting parents and staff when needed. (




If you would like to refer your child to Trauma Therapy, please speak to Miss Victoria Storey via the school office.