Building aspiration, overcoming barriers and celebrating diversity in our community, learning and relationships.


Throughout the 2021 - 2022 academic year, we reviewed our school vision and values. We wanted to represent the uniqueness of school and what makes Chesterton Primary School a special place to learn and work. Groups of staff, children, parents and Governors reflected on what brings the best out of people in our community and the behaviours that lead us to our greatest successes. We consider success in many forms, whether in academic learning, building relationships, positive behaviours, sporting achievements, artistic excellence, and many more.

Following on from the implementation of the new values and ethos in 2021, we are now consolidating this in 2022/23. We are working to ensure they are woven through everything that happens at Chesterton. 


Our Vision


Building aspiration, overcoming barriers and celebrating diversity in our community, learning and relationships

These are the things we believe take place in our school and what we want to achieve for and within each member of our community.


Our Values


• Respect
• Persevere
• Care

These are the behaviours we expect to see within our community to bring out the best in ourselves and each other. These values form the basis of our classroom rules, which the children create with their teachers in each classroom. We also make links to our values through our curriculum to exemplify the different ways the values can be lived. Our Friday assembly focuses on our values and their importance within our community.

Chesterton Primary School and its community aim to develop happy, confident and well-rounded learners for the future by:

  • Providing a safe learning environment
  • Fostering a desire to achieve their best
  • Promoting understanding, respect and a sense of responsibility to others, our community and the wider world
  • Developing co-operative and positive working relationships between pupils, staff, Governors and parents
  • Providing equal opportunities for all

We are delighted that several members of our Local Governing Body also volunteer their time to support children and teachers in our classrooms.


Our aims align with the Active Learning Trust's value statement, which can be viewed here:

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