At Chesterton Primary School we provide pupils with a global curriculum based on knowledge and skills that is relevant for the 21st century. These skills are critically important for future success. We believe that global learning helps pupils make sense of the increasingly complex and rapidly changing world in which they live. Our curriculum enables pupils to think critically about world issues and to develop an awareness of the impact our own actions can have on others.

The six themes children are exposed to across all year groups are:

  • Social justice and equity
  • Identity and diversity
  • Sustainable development
  • Peace and conflict
  • Human rights
  • Power and governance

These six global learning themes are broken down into knowledge and understanding, skills, and attitudes. The six global themes outlined above are explored through all areas of the curriculum and across the subject disciplines.

We provide rich opportunities for the children to explore citizenship and real-life world issues, which at times they may have to grapple with to make sense of it. This, in turn, helps them to develop skills such as collaboration and communication, thus equipping them with the necessary skills for life in the 21st century. Across each year a number of high-quality core texts are used to bring the themes to life for our children and to promote a connectedness with the learning.


We use Cambridgeshire PSHE to support our PSHE/RSE Curriculum. 


As part of our wider PSHE and RSE Curriculum, our whole-school assemblies focus on Social, Emotional and Mental Health themes. This includes, Zones of Regulation, consent, safeguarding and keeping safe. Our assemblies link to current events and topics. We also link with external agencies such as the NSPCC who deliver assemblies and workshops across the school.


Zones of Regulation 

At Chesterton, we use Zones of Regulation to teach pupils how to identify, understand and manage their emotions. There are four zones, blue, red, green and amber. Zones of Regulation is a range of activities to help your child develop skills in the area of self-regulation. Self-regulation can go by many names, such as self-control, self-management and impulse control. It is defined as the best state of alertness of both the body and emotions for the specific situation.


Staff at Chesterton model the four zones within every day teaching. We teach children that we move throughout the zones within a day and that this is OK.


As a school, we learn more about the Zones of Regulation in our weekly assemblies.



Wider Curriculum & Enrichment Opportunities


NSPCC Workshops

WB 6th November 2023


We were visited by the NSPCC who spoke to the Year 2, Year 5 and Year 6 about their 'Speak out Stay safe' programme covering topics like bullying and abuse - without using any scary words or adult language. The workshop aims to help children identify safe adults they can talk to if they're ever worried about themselves or a friend. They even learn about Childline, and how it can support them.The children really enjoyed the workshops. They were fun, interactive and the classes even taught the whole school the number for Childline! 


Anti-Bullying Week 2023

WB 13th November 2023


Odd Socks Day - Monday 13th November 2023


What is Odd Socks Day 2023?

Odd Socks Day is an annual event that encourages people to wear mismatched socks as a way of celebrating diversity and promoting inclusion. It is a light-hearted and symbolic gesture that serves as a reminder that being different is something to be proud of. Participants are encouraged to embrace their individuality and support others in doing the same.


What do I need to do?

All you need to do is wear odd socks! It's a great way to celebrate what makes us all unique in Anti-Bullying Week!


PSHE and RSE Overview



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