Mrs Kate Yeoman


Mr Richard Martin

Deputy Headteacher, Hawthorn Class Teacher
Year 5

Ms Sam Chapman

Class teacher
Year 6

Mrs Katie Norton

Hawthorn Class Teacher
Year 5

Miss Victoria Storey

Hazel Class Teacher
Year 4

Miss Fiona Mellish

Elder Class Teacher
Year 3

Miss Amalie Sutherland

Beech Class Teacher
Year 2

Miss Isabelle Pritchard

Elm Class Teacher
Year 1

Mrs Jessica Smith

Senior Teacher, Elder class teacher
Reception Teacher

Mrs Gayle Jeffery


Mrs Sarah Day

Teaching Assistant

Mrs Sam Taylor

Teaching Assistant

Mrs Kirsty Cornwell

Teaching Assistant and Family Support Worker

Ms Alison Monk

Pastoral Support Assistant

Ms Vikki Thomas

Teaching Assistant

Miss Jessica Clilverd

Teaching Assistant

Mrs Suzanne Hurst

Teaching Assistant

Ms Teresa Mason

Business Manager

Mrs Maxine Searle

Admin Assistant

Mrs Dani Wykes

Learning and Behaviour Mentor

Mr Phillip Dowell


Mr Andrew Smith

Site Supervisor

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