The day started off with an exciting assembly where students were briefed on their task, to design a brand new video game. This was going to be a true test of their Teamwork and Staying Positive skills. Students were asked to reflect on what makes their school great, thinking about the people, places and opportunities around them, and applied their Creativity to think about what this might look like in a digitally interactive form! These finest creative minds then started on their task: to create the concept and design the elements for a new computer game, set in their very own school, that showcases all that is wonderful about it. Over the course of the day, students delved into the world of gaming and took on various roles from within the industry, Aiming High to demonstrate the skills required in order to carry out each new task. First, students became Games Researchers, reflecting on their school values, identifying the areas and people found within their school, and researching different computer game formats. Then as Level Editors and Games Artists, they then stretched their Creativity further to design the characters for their game and the Game World in which it is set. The day culminated in a grand Games Expo, where the teams shared their ideas by Presenting them to the rest of their class.