This half term in Juneberry class we have been looking at the topic ‘All around the world.’ As part of this topic we have been lucky enough to have had parents and family members coming into the class to talk about the different cultures and countries that we have links to. We have learnt about South Africa, Australia, China, France and Germany. The children have been listening to presentations from the various countries, and were learning about animals, food and day to day life in the different countries.


We were also lucky enough to complete some different activities based on these countries including tasting some traditional South African cakes, learning how to say hello in different languages, writing in Chinese and making Chinese lanterns. The children also took part in an Australia Day, where they were able to listen to the didgeridoo and learn about dangerous animals in Australia. The children have loved learning about the different cultures in our class and have learnt so much.


Juneberry's Around the World