The children in Pine Class are in our Reception Class.  

The class teacher is Mrs Smith and they are also supported by Mrs Day, Mrs Hurst and Mrs Hurst.

We love to learn and we hope you enjoy finding out about what we do at school.

We start our day with ‘Busy Fingers’ activities. The aim of this is to develop hand and arm muscles ready for writing and to focus on letter formation. We also use this time to practise using scissors and other tools. The activities are interesting and fun and are often linked to a theme such as fireworks or snowflakes.

Every day we have a whole class Phonics session, learning to link sounds and letters. Everyone then has an opportunity to develop their skills independently through a range of reading and writing challenges. We also have a daily Little Big Maths lesson during which Pim the Alien helps us to learn number facts and solve problems.

We take our learning outdoors as often as we can. Pine Class love being outdoors and we put our wellies on to go into the garden in all weathers. Giant construction, gardening and tree climbing are just a few of the activities we have tried so far this year.

In reception, we are always learning and exploring in our environment. We have focused learning time called Objective Led with a teacher, as well as having various challenges out in the classroom and outside area for our continuous provision, which we are able to access independently. These vary from writing to maths as well as balancing and going on dinosaur hunts. We follow Little Big Maths, and Little Big writing, which involve fun and interesting lessons. For the other areas of our learning in Pine Class we have ‘mini wows’ and a ‘Big Question’ to introduce us to the topic. We are able to input and give suggestions for how and what we want to learn by asking questions based on the mini wows that have happened. This often sparks lots of interest and excitement with the children and is a great way to start the topic.

Pine's Curriculum

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