Oak class are  Year 6  and the curriculum is designed around your child.  Although we use the National Curriculum as a baseline and a starting point, our curriculum exceeds the requirements of the National Curriculum and it is enriched with the use of the outside space and community.

The curriculum for both Key Stages includes: English, Maths, Science, Geography, History, Religious Education, Music, Art, Physical Education, Design and Technology, Computing and Personal, Social and Health Education. A modern foreign language will be taught in KS2.

At Chesterton Primary School we feel passionately about providing a curriculum that stimulates and motivates all children, ensuring that all pupils achieve their very best.  Subjects are taught through a cross-curricular approach, which allows pupils to link their learning. Creativity and thinking skills feature highly in the planning, with innovative approaches to teaching and learning being employed.

As well as the formal curriculum, emphasis is placed on developing individuals into well-rounded personalities. We are keen to develop and celebrate all aspects of a child’s development in and out of school. We try to know the children well and hope to identify individual strengths and problems; we can then encourage them in those strengths and support them in areas of difficulty.

Positive attitudes and good behaviour are an integral part of learning and we encourage a happy, quiet and busy atmosphere in which children can learn.  We encourage children to take pride in their work, to have high expectations, to be considerate to everyone in the school and to respect and care for property.

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