The children in Year 4 are in Hazel Class and their class teacher  is Miss Storey.  Mrs Taylor and Mrs Wykes support the children.

In Hazel  Class we like to aim high in all areas of our learning so that every child can achieve their full potential.  Although we work really hard, we still make time to enjoy each other’s’ company and you will always hear laughter coming from Hazel Class.

The learning in Year 4  is organised in such a way that the children have lots of input into their learning experiences. We follow Big Reading, Big Writing and Big Maths and enjoy fun, fast paced lessons in these areas of learning. All three approaches advocate that there are no ‘secret gardens’ and the children in Year 4 very much enjoy understanding where they are at in their own learning journey. In other areas of learning, we follow an enquiry based approach where the children are introduced to themes through a ‘Big Question’. This ignites interest and promotes the children to ask further questions which are explored through answering the Big Question. For every lesson, from English to computing, there are 4 levels of challenge and the children choose the level they would like to work at. One of the areas of learning we are especially proud of is Enabling Enterprise. Within these lessons we develop skills such as team work and leadership through creating projects including a school art gallery. 


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