Hazel Class’ teacher is Miss Storey.

Welcome to Hazel Class. We are the Year 4 class at Chesterton Primary school. We are currently supported by Mr Ward. We are a lively and caring class with a great sense of humour. The children in Year 4 love to help their friends and teachers and enjoy finding out about the world around them. Throughout the year, the children will learn about many different topics including; Romans, volcanoes and earthquakes and electricity.

The learning in Year 4 is organised in a range of ways including group work, independent learning and focused activities. All lessons are taught with a whole class input which then leads into the focused activities which are differentiated by 4 levels of challenge. The children are able to choose their preferred challenge independently and are then supported through them. Our English and guided reading texts link to our theme to enhance and deepen the children’s understanding of the topics studied.

In Year 4, we guide our learning through the children's interests. We do this thorough a channel of a Big Question. At the beginning of a topic, the children are asked the Big Question and have a chance to share what they know already and what they would like to learn about. Accessing the learning in this form allows the children to become engrossed and engaged into the topic and encourages them to ask further questions to deepen their knowledge.

Each half term, we will also focus on one of our school’s core values; Respect, Persevere or Care. This learning will be linked to our foundation subjects and embedded throughout the school day. The children will be given the opportunity to express their thoughts on these values by adding to our class tree.

Please follow our class twitter page for updates about our time in school: @CPSHazel

Hazel's Curriculum

Year 4 Maths Long Term Plan

Year 4 English Long Term Plan


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