Elm Class teacher is Miss Pritchard and they are also supported by Ms Holder.

Welcome to Elm Class. We are a friendly and caring class, who are always looking out for each other when we are working both inside, as well as in our outside area. We like to spend time together, sharing ideas and learning with our friends.

The learning in Year 1 is organised in a range of ways including group work, independent learning and focused activities. We encourage independence in Year 1 however all children are supported if they need help with their learning. 

All lessons are taught with a whole class input which then leads into the focused activities which are differentiated by 4 levels of challenge. The children are able to choose their preferred challenge independently and are then supported through them if needed. The children also complete stupendous challenges which deepen their learning and we encourage them to think creatively to apply their knowledge in various ways. The children work very hard during the day and are encouraged to review and improve their work. The children complete 'Next Steps' which move their learning forward and often reflect on their own work.

In year 1 we guide our learning through the children's interests. We do this thorough a channel of a Big Questions. accessing the learning in this form allows the children to become engrossed and engaged into the topic and encourages them to ask further questions to deeper their knowledge. We always begin our theme lessons from the child's point of view. We find out what the children already know and what they want to find out about. The books that are covered in English are also chosen with the interests of the children in mind. Each class is different and thrive on a range of genre's and themes which we try to incorporate into our lessons.

Elm's Curriculum

Year 1 Maths Plan

Year 1 English Long Term Plan

StoryTime Phonics, support teaching and learning in phonics.

Talk for Writing supports teaching and learning in writing.

Letter Join supports handwriting.

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