What Can I Do If I Am Feeling Worried?


Road Safety 

At Chesterton, we learn about road safety in our PSHE curriculum. Additionally, the pupils across have Bikeability sessions to learn how to be safe when riding bicycle. We believe that should know that it is important to see and be seen by other road users. In our lessons, we teach children that they should wear something light and bright at night or in bad weather. We also explore the use and benefits of materials within our Science curriculum. 

Further resources on road safety can be found out:




Washing Hands

We need to make sure we wash our hands properly.  Use this song to help you!



Getting on with others

At Chesterton, we work hard and follow our school rules. Our school rules stem from our core values.

  1.  Respect - We are kind and honest.
  2. Persevere - We do our best at work and play.
  3. Care - We take care of our school.



We know that we might fall out with others. At Chesterton, we use the restorative approach to behaviour and we can repair our relationships with others. Please read our behaviour policy for more information.

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