The class teachers are Mrs Thompson and Mrs Leung-Sikorowska.

In year 3, we value everyone and ensure that our learning is at our highest potential. We try our best to enable everyone to learn and succeed in all areas of learning. We are a lovely class and we enjoy supporting our friends and have a great team ethos in our learning environment. Although we work very hard there is always laughter, smiles are care shown in our classroom! 

The learning in Year 3 is organised in a range of ways including group work, independent learning and focused activities. In year 3 we guide our learning through the children's interests. We do this thorough a channel of a Big Question. accessing the learning in this form allows the children to become engrossed and engaged into the topic and encourages them to ask further questions to deeper their knowledge.

On these pages you can find important information about life in Year 3.

Year 3 Maths Long Term Plan

Year 3 maths home workbooks

Year 3 English Documents


The Literacy Tree supports teaching and learning in writing.

Letter Join supports handwriting.

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