Year 2 is taught by Miss Peet.


We are the Year 2 class at Chesterton Primary school. We are a friendly and caring class, who are always willing to help. We believe in ourselves and each other, we always try our best and enjoy celebrating our success.  


The learning in Year 2 is organised in a range of ways including group work, independent learning and focused activities. We assess the children’s skills and knowledge taught in Key Stage and have bespoke planning to meet the children’s needs. All lessons are taught with a whole class input.  The children are encouraged to assess their own learning and edit and review their learning to make improvements. They are encouraged to talk through their editing and amendments with their peers and teachers. We believe that when we work together we can achieve more.


Our curriculum is creative and stimulating and teaches children about global affairs such as plastic pollution and human rights. Children are encouraged to be inquisitive and learning is guided through their questions within a subject. 


Year 2 Maths Long Term Plan

Year 2 maths home workbooks

Year 2 English Documents

Essential Letters and Sounds support teaching and learning in phonics.

The Literacy Tree supports teaching and learning in writing.

Letter Join supports handwriting.

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