Year 1's teacher is Mrs Smith and they are supported by Ms Mekaoui and Mrs Talyor.

We are a friendly and caring class, who are always looking out for each other when we are working both inside, as well as in our outside area.  Through out the year, the children will learn about many different topics including: materials, animals and landmarks from around the world and real life superheroes. 

The learning in Year 1 is organised in a range of ways including group work, independent learning and focused activities. We encourage independence in Year 1 however all children are supported if they need help with their learning. 

All lessons are taught with a whole class input which then leads into the focused activities. Activities are adapted to support the needs of all pupils. The children work very hard during the day and are encouraged to review and improve their work.

In Year 1 we love to take our learning into our outdoor area and we get out there at every opportunity we can in our wellies. We have challenges that link to what we are learning inside but also learning that links to our interests. 

In Year 1 we guide our learning through the children's interests. We always begin our theme lessons from the child's point of view. We find out what the children already know and what they want to find out about. The books that are covered in English are also chosen with the interests of the children in mind. Each class is different and thrive on a range of genre's and themes which we try to incorporate into our lessons.

Each half term, we will focus on one of our school's core values; Respect, Persevere or Care. This learning will be linked to our foundation subjects and embedded through out the school day. 


Year 1 Maths Plan

Year 1 maths home workbooks

Year 1 English Documents

Essential Letters and Sounds support teaching and learning in phonics.

The Literacy Tree supports teaching and learning in writing.

Letter Join supports handwriting.

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